18-22 September 2017
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Asia/Shanghai timezone
Deadline Approaching: Submission of manuscript for CGS16 Proceedings

Invited speakers

Accepted speakers (This is a preliminary list,  continuously updated):




Allmond, Mitch (ORNL, USA)

Triaxiality in Neutron-Rich Mo-Ru Isotopes from Coulomb Excitation

Aprahamian, Ani (Notre Dame, USA)

Low-Lying Oscillations of Deformed Nuclei

Bark, Robert (South Africa)

Studies of Low-Spin States in the N=150 Region

Bemmerer, Daniel (Dresden, Germany)

Felsenkeller 5 MeV underground accelerator in Germany

Bentley, Mike (York, UK)

Spectroscopy of isobaric triplets in the fpg-shell

Bruce, Alison (Brighton, UK)

Lifetime measurements in A~100 nuclei using LaBr3(Ce) arrays

Casey, Daniel T. (NIF, LLNL, USA)

2H(d,n)3He and 3H(t,2n)4He S-factor Measurements at the National Ignition Facility at Conditions Relevant to Stellar Cores

Casten, Rick (Yale, USA)

A new approximate symmetry, Proxy-SU(3), and parameter-free predictions for deformed nuclei

Cavanna, Francesca (INFN-Genova, Italy)

Nuclear astrophysics at Gran Sasso Laboratory: the LUNA experiment

Cizewski, Jolie A. (Rutgers, USA)

Neutron capture on short-lived nuclei via the surrogate (d,pg) reaction

Clément, Emmanuel (GANIL, France)

High resolution in-beam gamma rays spectroscopy at GANIL : Focus on the AGATA Campaign

Crawford, Heather (LBNL, USA)

First spectroscopy in 40Mg

de France, Gilles (GANIL, France)

The EXILL campaign

Doornenbal, Pieter (RIKEN, Japan) 

In-beam spectroscopy of low-lying energy levels at extreme isospin with SEASTAR

Egido, J. Luis (UAM, Spain)

A Beyond Mean Field description of global and spectroscopic properties of atomic nuclei

Escher, Jutta (LLNL, USA)

Capture Reactions on Unstable Isotopes: Determining Unknown Cross Sections from Indirect Measurements

Fujita, Yoshitaka  (Osaka, Japan)

Gamow-Teller Transitions- a key to open the Jewels Box of nuclear structure

Fuller, George (San Diego, USA) 


Galindo-Uribarri, Alfredo (ORNL, USA) 

Measuring the Antineutrino Spectrum from a Reactor

Garrett, Paul (Guelph, Canada)

Collective states and shape co-existence in the Z=50 region

Goriely, Stephane  (Brussels, Belgium)

New progress on microscopic nuclear inputs for astrophysics applications

Grzywacz, Robert (UTK, USA)

Beta delayed neutron spectroscopy close to 78Ni and 132Sn

Guttormsen, Magne (Oslo, Norway)

Gamma-widths, lifetimes and fluctuations in the nuclear quasi-continuum

Hayes, Anna (LANL, USA)

Challenges with Reactor Antineutrino Spectra

Holt, Jason (TRIUMF, Canada)

Nuclear structure highlights from TRIUMF

Isacker, P. Van (GANIL, France)

Geometry in the nuclear shell model

Itagaki, Naoyuki  (Kyoto, Japan)

Exotic clustering in light nuclei and role of non-central interactions

Iwasaki, Hiro (MSU, USA)

Electromagnetic responses of weakly-bound neutron-rich nuclei studied by lifetime measurements

Jain, Ashok K. (IIT Roorkee, India)

Isospin conservation in neutron rich systems of heavy nuclei

Jolie, Jan (Köln, Germany)

Fast timing results from EXILL&FATIMA for fission fragments in the neutron rich region around Z=40, N=60

Kajino, Taka (Beihang, China)

Origin of r-process and vp-process in supernovae and neutron star mergers

Kobayashi, Nobuyuki (Osaka, Japan) 

E1 response of nuclei with neutron skin and halo

Kondev, Filip G. (Argonne, USA)

Spectroscopy of deformed, neutron-rich nuclei in the light rare-earth region near A~160

Lane, Greg (ANU, Australia)

Photonconversion between long-lived nuclear states in stellar environments -the example of 180Ta

Lenzi, Silvia (Padova, Italy)

Excitation energy differences between analogues states: a magnifying lens on nuclear properties

Litvinov, Yuri (GSI, Germany)

Studies at the border between atomic and nuclear physics

Liu, Weiping (Beijing, China)

Progress of Jinping Underground laboratory for Nuclear Astrophysics (JUNA)

Lu, Zheng-Tian (USTC, China)

Atom Trap, Krypton-81, and Global Groundwater

Macchiavelli, Augusto (LBNL, USA)

Experimental studies of neutron-proton pairing

Meisel, Zach (Ohio, USA) 

Coolers in the Crust: Production and Impact of Urca Nuclides on Accreting Neutron Stars

Michelagnoli, Caterina (ILL, France)

FIPPS – A new instrument for the spectroscopy of neutron-rich nuclei at ILL

Nunes, Filomena (MSU, USA)

New developments in reaction theory: preparing for the FRIB era

Otsuka, Takaharu (Tokyo, Japan)

Single-particle states vs. collective modes: friends or enemies ?

Pakarinen, Janne (JYFL, Finland)

Nuclear spectroscopic studies in Jyväskylä, Finland

Palit, R. (TIFR Mumbai, India)

Study of wobbling mode in odd-A nuclei in A~130 region

Pietralla, Norbert (Darmstadt, Germany)

Shell evolution and E2 collectivity: New spectroscopy information

Qi, Chong (KTH, Sweden)

Shell model description of heavy nuclei and abnormal collective motions

Reifarth, Rene (Frankfurt, Germany)

Prospects of nuclear astrophysics at storage rings

Ren, Zhongzhou (Nanjing, China)

Cluster approach on exotic structure of some light nuclei

Ring, Peter (Munich, Germany)

Conventional density functional theory: predictive power and first attempts of a microscopic derivation

Sakurai, Hiroyosjhi (RIKEN, Japan) 

Recent Highlights and Future Projects for the Nuclear Structure Study at RIBF

Sheikh, Javid A. (Kashmir, India)

Isospin symmetry and the nuclear density functional approach

Sherrill, Brad (MSU, USA)

Future opportunities at the facility for rare isotope beams

Shneidman, Timur (Dubna, Russia)

Role of clustering in the structure of heavy nuclei

Simpson, Gary (CNRS, France)

Emergence of collectivity beyond 78Ni and 132Sn

Spyrou, Artemis (MSU, USA)

Neutron capture reactions on exotic nuclei

Stuchbery, Andrew (ANU, Australia)

Pushing the limits of excited-state g-factor measurements

Surman, Rebecca (Notre Dame, USA)

Quantifying nuclear physics uncertainties in r-process abundance patterns

Tonchev, Anton (LLNL, USA)  

Connecting nuclear structure to stellar astrophysics

Utsunomiya, Hiroaki (Konan, Japan)

Photoneutron reaction data for nuclear physics and astrophysics

Wang, Meng (Lanzhou, China)

Nuclear mass measurement and evaluation

Wang, Ning (Guilin, China)

Weizsaecker-Skyrme mass model and the statistical error

Watanabe, Hiroshi (Beihang, China)

Isomers and shell evolution in neutron-rich nuclei below the doubly-magic nucleus 132Sn

Wiescher, Michael (Notre Dame, USA)

Nuclear aspects of stellar Helium Burning

Wimmer, Kathrin (Tokyo, Japan) 

Shape Coexistence at N=Z: Spectroscopy of the Tz = -1 Nucleus 70Kr and its Neighbors

Yates, Steve (Kentucky, USA)

Studying Collective Nuclear Excitations with Fast Neutrons: A comparison of 76Ge and 76Se

Ye, Yanlin (Beijing, China)

 Proposed Beijing-ISOL Facility — An Initial Design

Yu, Chang Hong (ORNL, USA)

The MAJORANA DEMONSTRATOR – Status and Initial Results

Zamfir, Victor (ELI, Bucarest, Romania)

Nuclear Physics Research at ELI-NP

Zhang, Yu-Hu (Lanzhou, China)

Progress of mass measurements of short-lived nuclides at the heavy-ion storage ring in Lanzhou

Zhou, Xiaohong (Lanzhou, China)

Physics opportunities @ HIAF

Zhu, Shaofei (Argonne, USA)

First experiments with re-accelerated neutron-rich beams from CARIBU

Zielinska, Magda (Warsaw, Poland)  

Nuclear shapes studied with low-energy Coulomb excitation

Zilges, Andreas (Köln, Germany)

The Electric Multipole Response of Nuclei: Pygmy Resonances and Related Structures