from 30 June 2018 to 3 July 2018
TD Lee Institute
Asia/Shanghai timezone

We announce the international workshop on "Physics Beyond the Standard Model" (PBSM-2018) to be held at the T. D. Lee Institute (TDLI) and Shanghai Jiao Tong University during July 1-3, 2018. This workshop will gather the leading experts around the world to discuss the latest experimental and theoretical developments on physics beyond the standard model. These will cover the important frontiers in particle physics and its interface with astrophysics and cosmology. The physics program will review the status and prospects of the major experiments including the collider experiments (LHC and future colliders), the direct and indirect dark matter detection experiments, and neutrino experiments, as well as the recent theoretical progresses.

The registration fee is RMB1000 for regular participants, RMB800 for students. Registration fee will be waived for the invited speakers.

You can also find relevant content on the following website:

List of invited participants (incomplete, more to be added later !)

- Yang Bai (U. Wisconsin)

- Philip Burrow (Oxford U.)

- R. Sekhar Chivukula (MSU)

- Abdelhak Djouadi (Orsay & CERN)

- Jie Gao (IHEP, Beijing)

- Christophe Grojean(DESY, Germany

- Wolfgang Kilian (Siegen & CERN)

- Max Klein (Liverpool)

- Marek Karliner(Tel Aviv U.)

- Ashutosh V. Kotwal (Duke U.)

- Jianglai Liu (SJTU, Shanghai)

- Luciano Maiani (U. Rome and TDLI)

- Shinichiro Michizono (KEK)

- Isobel Ojalvo (Princeton University)

- Jianming Qian (U. Michigan)

- Jin Ren (Toronto U.)

- Lucio Rossi (University of Milan, CERN)

- Elizabeth H. Simmons (UC, San Diego)

- Shufang Su (U. Arizona)

- Christopher Tully (Princeton University)

- Liantao Wang (U. Chicago)

- Yifang Wang (IHEP, Beijing)

- Zhong-Zhi Xianyu (Harvard University)

- Qiang Yuan (Purple Mountain Observatory)

- Qian Yue (Tsinghua U.)

- Haibo Yu (UC, Riverside)

- Yu-Feng Zhou (ITP) ... ...


Chair list 

session 1 Hong-Jian He 
session 2 Qiang Yuan 
session 3 Lian-Tao Wang 
session 4 Yang Bai 
session 5 Max Klein 
session 6 Christophe Grojean 
session 7 Jianming Qian 
session 8 Luciano Maiani 
session 9 Jie Gao
session 10 Haijun Yang 


Starts 30 Jun 2018 18:00
Ends 3 Jul 2018 13:30
TD Lee Institute
Shanghai JiaoTong University
Registration for this event is currently open.